More Quinella Drama...

There is no better way to create a character with family issues than to give her a weird first name.

Now double that with an equally weird last name, and who knows what will happen.

So (drum roll)...

Her birth name will be Quinella Quinella

--All the more reason to assume "Q" as a nickname.

I'm not sure how Quinella will play out as a character, but she's bound to get interesting.

Here's the kicker, though: Quinella, as a last name, is not even the original family name--it has been assumed by her parents (mainly at the insistence of her boomer father, who became alienated from his own parents during the late 1960's).

The original family name is "Netta" (Get it?), and when Q finds out, she slam dunks her parents by legally changing her name to "Quinella Net."

She registers the domain name (which I, as her creator, have done for her, given that imaginary people have no substance, but, most importantly, no credit cards, lol).

By reclaiming part of the family name, Q is rebelling against the boomer excesses of her parents and becoming her own person--in some ways more conservative, but in other ways more "out there." After all, why would someone assume a global TLD (internet extension) as a last name except a child of the internet age?

In my last post, I felt as though Quinella Net was a contrived name (and it is), but now that Q, a child of the internet age, has created her new self out of a domain name, it now all makes sense.

If you happen to stumble upon this post, what do you think?

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