Quinelle, A Name Change...

I have decided to change the main character's first name from Quinella to Quinelle.

The family last name will still be Quinella.

I have done this for three reasons:
1. While her parents are non-conformists and slightly odd, I'm just not quite believing that they would name their first born with a first name that is the same as her last name. But I do believe that they would give her a first name that is close to it.

2. "Quinelle" is a very lovely and feminine name, which will fit my main character very well, and I personally like the name very much. Because I love my character, I want her to bear a name that she could like as well.

3. I was able to acquire Quinelle.com, which I think is important, given her web savviness.
Now both Quinelle and Qeah, her younger sister, have the dotcom versions of their names--just as it should be.

One more thing: Qeah will play a larger role in this novel than I had originally anticipated.

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