Quinelle's Mother: Godwyna Quinella (b. 1968)

Godwyna, nickname Wynnie (characteristics):

She is poised, gracious (at least outwardly), and reserved.

She is capable and clever, a potential a high-powered SEO of a large company (Before abandoning her husband and children, she works as an accountant (who is moving upward) for a bank and, on the side, writes an advice column for a local newspaper and doing well at it). The advice column gig has been a way to be social and still

She is a private person and difficult to know; everyone in her family has been blind-sided by her disappearance.

She is reticent and often lonely and misunderstood–does she feel that her husband and children cannot possibly understand her pain? We’ll never know, I’m afraid.

She wants to be a social butterfly, flitting easily from one acquaintance to another, but she must work hard at it. Ironically, she makes it look easy, but every time she returns from a social engagement, she wants to vomit.

She is an avid reader with amazing powers on concentration; she may suffer from a case of A.D.D., the non-hyper kind.

She is a better writer than a conversationalist, which is ironic, given that she fails to write her children a goodbye note. She may have written a note to her husband, but whether or not Quinelle finds out about it is still unclear.

She yearns for the mysteries of life and an understanding of the greater picture of life, suggesting that she leaves because her family life has become mundane, and the outside world has called to her. Still, she sees herself as being extremely spiritual and humanistic. On the other hand, she is very materialistic, and covets the finer things of life.

According to her husband (name pending), she had fled the family home in a 2000 Lexis, all her expensive jewelry, and $50,000 of the family’s cash.

She was born in 1968 and for the first 10 years of her life, she lived in a Vermont commune and was home schooled at a time when home schooling was considered counter-culture. Part of her difficult social skill set may have been exacerbated by the isolated and agrarian nature of the commune.

Her parents never married, splitting up when her mother fled the commune.

More info to be added...

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