Friday, June 22, 2012

"Ask Ma'am": Q as Underaged Advice Columnist

I'm mulling over the idea of creating Q as an underaged character who is posing as an advice columnist.

Her mother is the actual columnist for a local newspaper, but when her mother goes AWOL from her life as a mother, wife, and columnist, Q, unbeknownst to the newspaper, assumes the "Ask Ma'am" column and begins dishing out humorous and outrageous advice to readers.

When the column goes national (and the big money begins rolling in), Q's mother returns to the family, and the conflict between mother and daughter flares up big time, especially when "Mother" (unnamed as of yet) realizes that Q is, by far, much more talented than the mother. Therefore, she must pay Q a large allowance to keep Q as ghost writer.

Meanwhile, Q discovers domaining as a sideline, using her substantal allowance to register dotcoms and reselling them on the aftermarket.


Even at a young age (10-13?), Q realizes that, eventually, her house of cards in the advice biz is going to collapse and that she will have to fend for herself.

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