Saturday, June 23, 2012

Q, A Young Character at a Pivotal Time in History (Some Back Story and Random Notes)

Some basic facts about Q: She was born September 11, 1991.

This date, of course, becomes important only on Q's 10th birthday, which will be a pivotal point in the novel, BUT not the main focus. At this point, Q will not lose a friend or family member, but she will lose a bit of her innocence. (How, I'm not sure yet, BUT no incest stuff--this has become such a cliche by now--yech!)

Q's parents (as of yet, unnamed) have named her Quinella because in early Summer 1991, when her mother was six months pregnant with Q and her twin brother (who dies at birth), Q's father won back-to-back quinellas at a dog track in Florida. In Race 7, he placed a $20.00 bet on 7-8 (two long shots), and won $427.50 (this amount might change), and then turned around and, in Race 8, placed $426 of his winnings on 7-8 again, also long shots. Again, the dogs win, and the Nettas find themselves flush with cash.

However, this windfall becomes their curse, for they never again win such a large amount of cash gambling.

Must run now, but will add some more notes later!


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