Peep Central as the Name of Quinelle’s Forum and the Wayback Machine...

Quinelle's younger sister Qeah is horrified when Quinelle buys and sets up her forum using the name.

Possible conversation between Qeah and Quinelle:
“You should have checked the Wayback Machine before buying,” Qeah said.

“What’s a Wayback Machine?”

“The Internet Archive. You can check how a pre-owned domain was used before you buy it.”

“But why should I care?”

“Because if a domain name has a checkered history, it might be blacklisted.”


“Yeah, by Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. The domain name could be dropped from the search engines because of bad behavior.”

“I don’t understand what this has to do with Peep Central.”

“A lot. Peep Central used to be, well, uh, a site with pictures of naked ladies.”

Quinelle slapped her forehead. “Seriously?”

“Yep. But you lucked out. Your shiny new domain name has not been blacklisted.”

“Whew,” Quinelle said.

“But it’s not all good news. You’ll still have to rehab it.”


“Yeah. You have to overcome its history, keep the old men away who come to the forum expecting naked lady pictures.”

“But it’s a forum for my peeps, not dirty old men.”

“Unfortunately, a ‘peep’ is also a yukky old man who likes to spy on naked women without their knowledge.”

“No way!”


“My life sucks...”

“Yeah. It’s a jungle out there...But not to worry. The Great Qeah is here to defend your precious forum from the internet crud.”
Although “The Great Qeah” is four years younger than Quinelle, she's a lot more internet savvy and is forever rescuing Quinelle's site from viruses, spam, and other unsavory malware.

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