A Message to Google Blogger (Off Topic)

Dear Google and the Blogger Team,

You guys and gals at Google are clueless. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but my frustration is great, and, quite frankly, this new product is inferior to the old product.

Do you even listen to what users are telling you?

New Blogger stinks.

It crashes my computer and gets hung up; it's too "busy," and it takes too long to get where I want to go.

Time is money.

Do you understand that?

Old Blogger was so beautiful and simple. Building upon that would have been sensible and practical.

Building a blog should be like turning a key in a car and getting going; no one cares how it works.

Forget about the complicated bells and whistles.

"New" is supposed to be better, but New Blogger does nothing but frustrate loyal users.

It's just that simple.

Please reconsider this decision.

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